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Central Asia

ISBN 9781842771679
WL Order Code 8043

London 1999, 176 pp., 3 pp. maps, 135 x 215 mm, 0.210 kg

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Marsden, Peter; Taliban, The
This book explores the factors leading to the Taliban’s rapid rise to military and political dominance, the cultural conflict between Western thinking and the Taliban’s interpretation of Islamic values and the geo-political context of conflict in the region. This is an extensively updated and expanded edition of the author’s previous book, The Taliban, taking into account the wholly new context in which Afghanistan and its people find themselves in the wake of the terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001.


ISBN 9789744801616
WL Order Code 22642

Bangkok 2010, repr. from 1986; 412 pp., 16 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.600 kg

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Forbes, Andrew D. W.; Warlords and Muslims in Chinese Central Asia
This is a political history of Republican Sinkiang 1911-1949 and provides a detailed study of Sinkiang (Xinjiang)—China’s largest province, and of great strategic importance on the Russian border during the Warlord and Kuomintang Eras. It is written to present an analysis of the internal warlord and Islamic politics of Sinkiang, as well as to take account of ‘great power’ interests in this region, during a period in which it was essentially a Han Chinese colony in the heart of Central Asia. The study is of relevance not only to the history of twentieth century China, but also to the politics of Islamic reassertion in Central Asia; to the development of the Soviet Union as an imperial power in the Tsarist Russian mould; to an understanding of the cultural and political aspirations of China’s national minorities; and should serve—in a world preoccupied with Western colonialism and imperialism—as a reminder that colonialism and imperialism were not, and are not, an exclusively European preserve.

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