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ISBN 9789676531070
WL Order Code 8096

Euala Lumpur 1995 111 pp., 30 pp. illus., 16 pp. in col., 135 x 200 mm, 0.285 kg

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Ho, Alice Yen; At the South-East Asian Table
Food as a daily meal or as a religious offering is fundamental to the cultures of Southeast Asia and is a source of utmost enjoyment to its people. Methods of preparing tasty and economical meals are often discussed with passion, and sacrifices to gods and spirits are invariably conducted with great rejoicing. This book explores the multifaceted aspects of food in Southeast Asia. Beginning with a historical and sociological survey of Southeast Asian food and eating habits, it goes on to discuss the ingredients and spices used in the region, the character of the food markets, the changing styles of the kitchens, and the different styles of cooking and eating from the past to the present. A final chapter examines common Southeast Asian sayings based on the food and culinary habits of the region.


ISBN 9789744801180
WL Order Code 22492

653gkok 2007 307 pp., 56 pp. illus. in col., 1 pp. map, 150 x 210 mm, 0.570 kg

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Choden, Kunzang; Chilli and Cheese: Food and Society in Bhutan
This is a pioneering book offering insight into Bhutanese food culture within its historical and geographical context, as well as looking at food-related beliefs and practices. The book discusses the changing socio-cultural meanings of food in Bhutan. Kunzang Choden, from her perspective as a privileged member of the gentry in a feudal society in the 1950s, shares her perceptions, observations and experiences. She highlights the importance of food as a socio-economic signifier and illustrates how food has meaning beyond nourishment, particularly in its symbolic forms in religion and ritual. The author explores regional agricultural and herding practices, the use of wild plants and the resulting food customs and habits. This informative but also deeply personal book includes simple and easy to follow recipes of some typical dishes. It invites readers to try out the unique taste of Bhutanese foods. Color and black and white photographs bring the narratives to life with vivid depictions of Bhutanese food and society.


ISBN 9780473172367
WL Order Code 3553

Bangkok 2010, 200 pp., fully illus. in col., 190 x 245 mm, 0.600 kg

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Culloty, Dorothy & Kees Sprengers; Food from Northern Laos: The Boat Landing Cookbook
The little known cultures and cuisine of northern Laos are reflected in the recipes of its local ethnic groups and Luang Namtha Province’s premiere ecotourism lodge. Eighty-eight dishes from Lao, Khmu; Tai Dam, Tai Yuan, Tai Lue and Akha are presented in clear, simple recipes. The stunning photography of food preparation in village homes and at the Boat Landing Guest House and Restaurant ties the dishes to their indigenous setting. This unique cookbook includes: an illustrated glossary of ingredients and substitutions; a description of Lao preparation and cooking techniques; an explanation of traditional cooking equipment; a bibliography, including web links; and a comprehensive index in English, Lao transcription and Lao script.


ISBN 9789744801647
WL Order Code 22646

Bangkok 2010 202 pp., illus. in col., 120 x 235 mm, 0.370 kg

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Danell, Eric & Anna Kiss & Martina Stoehrova; Fruits and Vegetables in Southeast Asian Markets
This guidebook is your companion on visits to markets, restaurants and orchards. In this first volume we have selected 120 species of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms commonly found in Southeast Asia, Southern China and India. Thereby you will be sure about what you eat, which is important to fully enjoy the local food. The author, Associate Professor Eric Danell, is a specialist on Southeast Asian plants. If you wish to learn more, you can visit him at Dokmai Garden in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The information in this book is packed in a handy format, which enables you to bring it to the market with no efforts, and to keep it in your luggage without causing space or weight problems. Scientific accuracy, paired with personal and down-to-earth descriptions make this book unique, entertaining and helpful!


ISBN 9789932000012
WL Order Code 22663

Vientiane 2010 206 pp., illus., 1 map, 13 pp. in col., 1 cd, 190 x 275 mm, 0.780 kg

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Fischer-Zernin, Vincent; Lao Cooking and the Essence of Life
How the book happened
Ten years ago,after having spent the better part of my time in Thailand, life sent me to laos. Contrary to knowing everything, with only a river separating these two countries, I knew nothing. There is to this day no book available about Laos which is written with insight, respect and deep appreciation in discovery of the wonder that is Lao people’s attitude to life.
The seeker in me had no choice but to set out on his own. Three years into this pursuit Sisavanh Manlom became my friend and teacher opening up a spectacular new world where simplicity and sanity reign supreme. He handed me the keys to Lao society and culture.
In Laos, conversation about such earth shaking matters is carried on with leisure and for pleasure, which is obviously done over food. This I prepared for the occasions, creating the mood, and challenging his taste buds. His tastes buds said: ‘Listen to me, write this down’.
The beginning of a cookbook was made. Eating and talking, or rather listening, made it soon clear that the way Lao people cook to nourish body and soul is nothing other than an extension of their ‘being’, going about life with ease and humility. To understand Lao Cooking one needs to understand all things Lao. The cookbook became a book about the Lao, a universal book about Cooking and Life


ISBN 9789744801296
WL Order Code 22618

Bangkok 2008 155 pp., 31 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.280 kg

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Hinsch, Bret; Ultimate Guide to Chinese Tea, the
This is the first comprehensive and accurate book in English on the fine art of Chinese tea. Given its light taste and wholesome properties, Chinese tea is the ideal natural beverage. The book clearly explains how to intelligently buy, prepare, and appreciate the world’s healthiest drink. There are hundreds of kinds of tea, distinguished by confusing Chinese names. The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Tea divides teas into just six types: white, green, yellow, oolong, red, and black. When you understand this simple system that the Chinese themselves use, you can start to explore the world of tea with confidence. Although most people think they can brew a proper pot of tea, in actual fact they’re probably doing it wrong. Through centuries of trial and error, Chinese connoisseurs have come up with clever strategies for getting the most flavors out of the leaves. This book describes the different Chinese methods for brewing tea and explains when to use them. Chinese tea connoisseurship is even more sophisticated than wine appreciation. Experienced drinkers use refined concepts to discuss every nuance. The guide explains how subtle variations in flavor, aroma, color, density, and water impact the drinking experience. Once you learn how to control these factors, you can brew the world’s best cup of tea.

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