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Studies in Contemporary Thailand
Edited by Prof. Erik Cohen, Sociology Department,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1. Thai Society in Contemporary Perspective
by Erik Cohen (out-of-print)
2. The Rise and Fall of the Thai Absolute Monarchy
by Chaiyan Rajchagool
3. Making Revolution: Insurgency of the Communist Party of Thailand in Structural Perspective
by Tom Marks (out-of-print)
4. Thai Tourism: Hill Tribes, Islands and Open-Ended Prostitution
by Erik Cohen
5. Whose Place is this? Malay Rubber Producers and Thai Government Officials in Yala
by Andrew Cornish
6. Central Authority and Local Democratization in Thailand: A Case Study from Chachoengsao Province
by Michael H. Nelson
7. Traditional T’ai arts in Contemporary Perspective
by Michael C. Howard. Wattana Wattanapun & Alec Gordon
8. Fishermen No More? Livelihood and Environment in Southern Thai Maritime Villages
by Olli-Pekka Ruohomaki
9. The Chinese Vegetarian Festival in Phuket: Religion, Ethnicitv. and Tourism on a Southern Thai Island
by Erik Cohen
10. The Politics of Ruin and the Business of Nostalgia
by Maurizio Peleggi
11. Environmental Protection and Rural Development in Thailand: Challenges and Opportunities
by Philip Dearden (editor)
12. Thailand’s Rice Bowl: Perspectives on Agricultural and Social Change in the Chao Phraya Delta
by Francois Moile and Thippawal Srijantr (editors)
13. Spirits and Souls: Gender and Cosmology in an Isan Village in Northeast Thailand
by Stephen Sparkes
14. Khor Jor Kor Forest Politics in Thailand
by Oliver Pye
15. Visions of a Nation: Public Monuments in Twentieth-Century Thailand
by Ka F. Wong
16. Bangkok’s Foodscape: Public Eating, Gender Relations, and Urban Change
by Gisele Yasmeen
17. Militia Redux: Or Sor and the Revival of Paramilitarism in Thailand
by Desmond Ball and David Scott Mathieson
18. ‘Child Labour’ and Child Prostitution in Thailand :Changing Realities
by Simon Baker
19. The Aesthetics of Power : Architecture, Indentity and Modernity from Siam to Thailand by Koompong Noobanjong

Studies in the Material Cultures of Southeast Asia
Series Editor: Michael C. Howard
1. Ikats of Savu: Women Weaving History in Eastern Indonesia
Genevieve Duggan
2. Traditional Textiles of West Timor: Regional Variations in Historical Perspective
Ruth Marie Yeager and Mark Ivan Jacobson
3. Textiles of the Daic Peoples of Vietnam
Michael C. Howard and Kim Be Howard
4. Textiles of the Central Highlands of Vietnam
Michael C. Howard and Kim Be Howard
5. Textiles of the Highland Peoples of Northern Vietnam: Mon-Khmer, Hmong-Mien, and Tibeto-Burman
Michael C. Howard and Kim Be Howard
6. Textiles of lnsana. West Timor: Women Weaving History and Village Development
William G. Coury
7. Textiles of the Highland Peoples of Burma, Volume I: The Naga, Chin, Jingpho, and Other Baric-speaking Groups
Michael C. Howard
8. Textiles of the Highland Peoples of Burma, Volume II: The Northern Mon-Khmer, Rawang, Upland Burmish, Lolo. Karen, Tai, and Hmong-Mien-Speaking Groups
Michael C. Howard
9. Patterns on Textiles and Other Objects of the Êdê and Mnông in the Central Highlands of Vietnam Chu Thái Son, with contributions by Nguyen Dai Luong. Ngo Due Thinh, and Mi­chael C. Howard (Translated by Kim Be Howard)
10. Bark-cloth in Southeast Asia
Michael C. Howard
11. Textiles and Identity in Brunei Darussalam
Siti Norkhalbi Haji Wahsalfelah
12. A World between the Warps: Southeast Asia’s Supplementary Warp Textiles
Michael C. Howard
13. Dress, Textiles, and Identity of the Black Tai of Loei Province, Northeast Thailand
Franco Amantea
14. From Dashes to Dragons The Ikat-Patterned Textiles of Southeast Asia  Michael C. Howard
15. Ikat Weaving and Ethnic Chinese Influences in Cambodia
John Ter Horst
16. Village-based Silk Production in Transition, Northeast Thailand
Patcharin Lapanun, Barbara Earth
17. Textile Traditions in Contemporary Southeast Asia
Michael C. Howard
18. Dress and Tai Yai Identity in Thoed Thai, Northern Thailand
Maya McLean

The Mekong Exploration Commission Report (1866-1868)

Vol. 1. Travels in Cambodia and Part of Laos by Francis Garnier
Vol. 2. Further Travels in Laos and in Yunnan by Francis Gamier. These richly illus­trated volumes document the journey on the Mekong from the mouth of the Mekong to northern Laos and through Yunnan to Hanoi. A large folded map with the detailed itiner­ary is included in a back pocket of volume 1.
Vol. 3. A Pictorial Journey on the Old Mekong: Cambodia. Laos and Yunnan by Louis Delaporte and Francis Gamier provides additional color and black-and-white plates of stunning beauty and blow-ups of the official map of the Commission. Ethnic groups in authentic dress are included on several plates.
Vol. 4. Agriculture and Ethnobotany of the Mekong Basin by Dr. Clovis Thorel describes agricultural systems and the slate of ethnobotanic knowledge based on the Com­mission’s scientific findings. Illustrated with period botanical plates from French sources.

The Pavie Mission Indochina Papers 1879-1895

Vol. 1 Pavie. Auguste. Pavie Mission Exploration Work
Vol. 2 Pavie. Auguste. Atlas of the Pavie Mission
Vol. 3 Pavie. Auguste, Travel Reports of the Pavie Mission
Vol. 4 Malglaive, J. de & A.-J., Rivière Travels in Central Vietnam and Laos
Vol. 5 Lefèvre-Pontalis. P.. Travels in Upper Laos and on the Borders of Yunnan and Burma
Vol. 6 Cupet P.. Travels in Laos and among the Tribes of Southeast Indo-China

Also on the Pavie Mission

Pavie, Auguste: Mission Pavie, Indochine, 1879-1895. Géographie et Voyages VII. Journal de Marche (1888-1889). Evenements du Siam (1891-1893)
A reprint of the French version of the Mission Pavie’s seventh volume. Extremely rare and politically the most notorious of the whole series, it contains the dealings of A. Pavie with the Chinese irregular Black Flags as well as Pavie’s unusual version of the gunboat incident at Paknam in 1893 and the skirmishes between Siamese soldiers and French po­litical agents on the Mekong and on the borders of Thailand that led up to it. This volume was destroyed and ‘ is missing in most collections. This is a reprint of 300 copies only.
Bangkok 1999, repr. from 1919 French text; 380 pp. illus.. 3 maps, 210 x 290 mm
ISBN 978-974-8434-74-2, WL Order Code 22 052, US$188.00
Lefèvre. Emile: Travels in Laos: The Fate of the Sip Song Pana and Muong Sing (1894-1896)
Cupet. Captain P.: Among the Tribes of Southern Vietnam and Laos. ‘Wild’ Tribes and French Politics on the Siamese Border (1891)

Bücher auf Deutsch

Bruns, Axel: Burmesische Marionettenkunst.
Bangkok, 2000: 320 pp.. 150 x 210 mm. pbk. Order Code X3 193

Doehring, Karl: Siam: Land und Volk. Zu finden unter Thailand General

Hesse-Wartegg, Ernsf von: Siam, das Reich des weisscn Elephanten
Siam, Reich des weissen Elephanten, gehüllt in geheimnisvolles Dunkel— so wurde das europäische Publikum im 19. Jahrhundert mit dem hinterindischen Königreich bekannt gemacht. Ernst von Hesse-Wartegg ein bekannter Reiseschriftsteller der Wilhelminisdien Aera, gibt ein anschauliches, zuweilen kurioses Bild Siams. Ganz den Erwartungen seiner kolonialbegeisterten Leser entsprechend, verbindet er seine pragmatische Beurteilung des Landes nach deutschen Interessen und exotisches coufeur locale zu einer "imaginaeren Landes- und Völkerkunde". Bangkok 1986, ISBN 978-974-8495-16-7

Fuhrmann, Ernst: New Guinea: Volk und Kunst. Zu finden unter New Guinea. New Guinea: People and Art

Kornerup. Ebbe: Paradies Siam: Thailand in den 20er Jahren. Zu finden unter Thailand General. Friendly Siam

Krause. Gregor & Karl With: Bali: Volk und Kunst. Zu finden unter Indonesia, Bali People and Art

Nick Knatterton: 100 Abenteuer des berühmten Meisterdetektivs erzählt
und gezeichnet von Manfred Schmidt:
Band 1: "Der Schuss in den künstlichen Hinterkopf" sowie "Die Rasierseifen-Geheimwaffe". Band 2: "Die Goldader von Bloody Corner" sowie "Die Verbrechen der losen Schraube". Band 3: "Der indische Diamantenkoffer" sowie "Die gestohlene Hüftlinie". Band 4: "Der Schatz in Gipsbein". "Ein SchloB fällt in die Tür" und "Der Stiftzahn des Caprifischers"
Der Meisterdetektiv Nick Knatterton "besteht Abenteuer, die bereits in das Reich der Fabel gehören. er verfügt über Pläne und Tricks, mit denen er auch die tollsten Situationen spielend zu bewältigen weiss. Hart ist sein Schädel, katzengeschmeidig sein Körper, am verblüffendsten aber ist und bleibt seine Kombinationsfähigkeit. Wenn Nick Knatterlon "kombiniert", dann bleibt kein Auge trocken—denn seine stärkste Waffe ist der Humor!" schreibt Anton Sailer im Vorwort.
Bangkok 2005. reprint from 1952. 56 pp.. illus. 270 x 170 mm. pbk.
ISBN 978-974-480-083-1 WL Order Code N 2 654

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