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ISBN 9789747534597
WL Order Code 22229

Bangkok 2001, 308 pp., 100 pp. illus. in col., 210 x 290 mm, 1.000 kg

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Gruschke, Andreas; Amdo 1: The Qinghai Parts of Amdo The Cultural Monuments of Tibet's Outer Provinces
This book presents the fascinating world of northeast Tibet’s historical and cultural monuments. The author’s original studies reveal that Tibetan culture is thriving. Tibetans have rebuilt their economy and revitalized their traditional way of life. East Tibet has not until now been thoroughly researched although it comprises about two-thirds of the Tibetan Plateau. This book provides comprehensive information on unknown sites in Amdo. The first volume starts with the famous Kumbum Monastery. Next, the major lamaseries of Tsongkha and the Yellow River bend are described with a historical outline of northeastern Tibet. Detailed descriptions of the major historic sites will help understand their development, as well as locating sites and understanding what can be seen there. Amdo includes densely populated Tsongkha with Muslim, Han-Chinese and Tibetan communities the realm of Ngolok’s sacred Amnye Machen mountain and the vast empty steppes and deserts of the central highland and Tsaidarn basin. The pastoral world of the formerly notorious Ngolok nomads and their religious realm are also described.


ISBN 9789747534900
WL Order Code 22230

Bangkok 2001, 283 pp., illus., 80 pp. illus. in col., maps, 210 x 290 mm, 1.000 kg

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Gruschke, Andreas; Amdo 2: The Gansu and Sichuan Parts of Amdo The Cultural Monuments of Tibet's Outer Provinces
This book presents unknown Tibetan Buddhist art and hitherto overlooked Sino-Tibetan lamaseries on the Silk Road fringes. Labrang Monastery in the Tibeto-Chinese borderlands, for instance, highlights the nexus between Tibet, East and Central Asia. Gansu, in the Sichuan part of Amdo, contains a wealth of local Tibetan cultural centers. The Ngawa Gelugpa realm and the last Jonangpa communities in Dzamthang, that have been greatly underestimated for centuries, are given the prominence they deserve. This work helps to dispel uninformed views that have been spread in the West. Detailed descriptions of the major historic sites facilitate the understanding of their development, and provide further guidance to find the sites and understand what can be seen there. One can prepare a tour to this region by getting knowledgeable about the extraordinary cultural monuments presented here. Serta, the world’s largest Buddhist academy, virtually unknown, has impressive architectural features such as the Jonangchbrten and temple towers seen nowhere else in Tibet. These add to the hidden treasures of Amdo’s revitalized Buddhist tradition. The region presented in this book is one of diversity in a highland realm that for long was neglected in respect of its historic and cultural importance.


ISBN 9789748496870
WL Order Code 21947

Bangkok 1997, 165 pp., 23 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.315 kg

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Choden, Kunzang; Bhutanese Tales of the Yeti
A collection of twenty-two stories set in four different regions of Bhutan. Belief in the yeti is ubiquitous in the kingdoms of the Himalayas, where beliefs and attitudes related to it go beyond scientific judgment and analysis. The Bhutanese consider the yeti, or the migoi, to be an essential part of the backdrop of their existence. Believed to possess supernatural powers enabling it to become invisible at will, the yeti often manifests itself in a tangible form and then suddenly vanishes, leaving behind nothing but an unexpected void. Folklore about the abominable snowman has existed for centuries: however, with the far-reaching impact of the media, the perpetuation of this oral tradition is threatened. This collection of stories is an attempt to document a vital tradition before it is wiped out entirely.


ISBN 9789748495965
WL Order Code 21668

Bangkok 1994, 219 pp., 37 pp. illus. text, 150 x 210 mm, 0.330 kg

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Choden, Kunzang; Folktales of Bhutan
This first attempt of a Bhutanese to record in English the oral tradition of this kingdom comprises a collection of 38 folktales and legends. The rugged and awesome terrain of Bhutan, which cherished a self-imposed isolation for centuries, and the people’s closeness to nature, together with their philosophy of karmic life cycles, an unquestioning belief in unseen co-inhabitants of the earth-like spirits, ghosts and demons, and the creative genius of the storytellers culminated in a remarkable repository of tales and legends which were passed on and developed through generations.


ISBN 9789744800497
WL Order Code 22359

Bangkok 2004, 166 pp., 45 pp. maps, fully illus. in col., 210 x 295 mm, 1.200 kg

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Gruschke, Andreas; Kham 1: The TAR Part of Kham (Tibet Autonomous Region)
This detailed survey of the cultural monuments of Tibet’s outer provinces reveals that Tibetan culture is neither extinct in Tibet proper nor in the outer provinces of Amdo and Kham. Their inhabitants’ accomplishments in rebuilding monasteries, restructuring the economy and revitalizing the traditional way of life are among the most fascinating recent events in Asia. Thus the author of this work takes it as his expression of admiration and respect for what Tibetans have accomplished within the last decades. The author has visited and thoroughly documented many of the unknown sites in Amdo and Kham, among them highly active monastic establishments with hundreds or even thousands of monks, or hidden treasures of Tibet’s living and revitalized Buddhist tradition. In presenting this study of the cultural monuments in eastern Tibet, he covered a variety of historical, economic or religio-philosophical aspects in order to explain and evaluate the differences and the common features within the Tibetan cultural context.


ISBN 9789744800619
WL Order Code 22442

Bangkok 2005, 334 pp., fully illus. in col., 27 maps, 210 x 295 mm, 1.300 kg

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Gruschke, Andreas; Kham 2: The Qinghai Part of Kham
Gruschke, Andreas; Kham Vol. 2: The Qinghai Part of Kham This volume deals with the Qinghai Part of Kham


WL Order Code 21291

Bangkok 1989 232 pp., 8 illus. in col., 130 x 190 mm, 0.280 kg

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Majupurias, Indra; Marriage Customs in Nepal


WL Order Code 727

Ascona No Date, 83 pp., 62 pp. illus., 240 x 320 mm, 1.125 kg

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Huntington, John C.; Phur-Pa: Tibetan Ritual Daggers, The
The “far-reaching” arrow or bolt as a means of controlling negative factors in one’s life is a phenomenon occurring in many circum-Pacific cultures. But nowhere has it reached the importance and complex development that the phur-pa achieved in association with Buddhism in the Nepalo-Tibetan regions. This study is an attempt to survey the iconography of the manifold types of phur-pa and to set up broad categories of classification based on iconographic elements. A considerable variety of implements is examined and analyzed in order to determine their relationship to underlying principles. In each case it will be seen that nothing less than the force of the Universal itself is brought to bear on the subject of concern.


ISBN 9789747534306
WL Order Code 22172

Bangkok 2000, repr. from 1939 385 pp., 120 pp. illus., 1 col. map, 1 foldout chart, 1 foldout panoramic view, 150 x 210 mm, 0.670 kg

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Heim, Arnold & August Gansser; Throne of the Gods: An Account of the First Swiss Expedition to the Himalayas, the
Originally published in German in 1938 and in English in 1939, this account was written by two geologists whose eight months journey in the Himalayas took them through the then “forbidden” lands of Nepal and Tibet, culminating at Mt. Kailas, “The Throne of The Gods”. Apart form their geological studies, altitudes were measured by using barometric observations. The lives of the people, animals, and plants were recorded, both among the crags and glaciers of the high mountains and also on the way there through the plains and foothills of India. The return journey included a visit to the source of the Ganges. A wealth of period photographs and maps makes this book a valuable resource for naturalists, geologists, and mountaineers. With a new foreword by August Gansser.


ISBN 9789744801852
WL Order Code 22667

Beijing 2012 221 pp., illus. 92 pp. in col. 165 x 240 mm., 0.380 kg

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Zhang Xiaoming & Jin Zhiguo. Etc.; Tibetan People and Their Stories in the 20th Century
Is a brief version in 41 chapters from the Chinese point of view. It starts with the anti British war, the prelude to the 20th century. The British attacks in late 19th century in Tibet. It deals with the 13th Dalai Lama, the Simla Conference, the 9th, 10th, 11th Panchen Lama, founding of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Several chapters deal with cultural and other projects, two events of ‘expelling the Han Chinese’, the entry of the Peoples Liberation Army into Tibet, construction of roads and the Qinhai-Tibet-Railway, the Olympic torch relay to Tibet and many other aspects not discussed in this way in the Western press.


ISBN 9789744801043
WL Order Code 22531

Bangkok 2007, repr. from 1872; 446 pp., 37 pp. illus., 210 x 300 mm, 1.400 kg

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Dalton, Edward Tuite; Tribal World of the Eastern Himalaya and Indo-Burma Borderlands
This is the first complete reprint of Edward Tuite Dalton’s Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal in more than 130 years. The term “Bengal” in Dalton’s time referred to what are now the Indian states of Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Tripura, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Megalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, and Nagaland, and the present-day country of Bangladesh. The new title is a more geographically precise description of the lands and people treated in this classic ethnography. Each tribe described by Dalton is portrayed in stunning lithographs that convey a sense of immediacy free of the staging common to Victorian ethnographic photography. The reader will discover a precious record of a tribal world now all but vanished. As languages and cultures disappear, books like Dalton’s become sole reminders of our immensely rich human diversity. Jon Miceler, a conservationist who has worked among the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh for the last seven years, has written the introduction to this reprint. A companion volume by Miceler will follow which assesses the present day situation of the tribes of the Indo-Tibetan and Indo-Burma borderlands. (With a foreword by Jon Miceler.)

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