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ISBN 9789748496771
WL Order Code 21871

Bangkok, 1996 202 pp., 150 x 210 mm, 0.360 kg

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Bangkok Times; 1894 Directory for Bangkok and Siam, The
This directory was published by the semi-official Bangkok Times newspaper. According to its own glowing title page it was “a handy and reliable book of reference for all classes, with a calendar and every information about weights and measures, Siamese festivals, postage and telegraph tariffs, notes on the ancient and modern history of Siam, and including official and general directories”. The wide coverage of information that is elsewhere unavailable or hard to find, not least that on businesses operating at the time, makes this directory an effective research tool. The directory is also a treasure trove for general readers interested in the daily life and in the official and foreign personalities, important or otherwise, of this crucial period of King Chulalongkorn’s Reign.


ISBN 9789748496849
WL Order Code 21954

Bangkok 1997, repr. from 1904; 214 pp., 46 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.400 kg

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Antonio, J.; 1904 Traveller's Guide to Bangkok and Siam
First published by J. Antonio, one of the prominent photographers of King Chulalongkorn’s Reign, as a reliable guidebook it contains a wealth of information not available in other guidebooks of the time. The modern reader gains valuable insights into the everyday living conditions of the time. J. Antonio’s keen interest in ordinary people is reflected both in the text and in the photographs. He also discusses a number of provinces that are within easy reach of Bangkok.


ISBN 9789748434421
WL Order Code 22055

Bangkok 1999, first English trans. of 1894; 179 pp., illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.340 kg

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Fournereau, Lucien; Bangkok in 1892
This overview covers a great number of aspects of Siamese life, of the common people as well as of royalty and high officialdom. Bangkok’s great celebration and the sordid details of its pollution and body disposal problems as well as politically tainted descriptions of the state of feudalism and slavery in the kingdom are discussed by a French colonialist. The great buildings and the significance of the main state ceremonies held in them are discussed and illustrated with colorful details. The book’s descriptions are greatly enhanced by more than fifty engravings, each a masterpiece of a craft that was about to disappear though it rivaled photography in the richness of its details and refinement.


ISBN 9789744801562
WL Order Code 22635

Bangkok 2010, repr. from 1929; 218 pp., 13 pp. illus., 150 x 215 mm, 0.330 kg

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Forty, C. H.; Bangkok: Its Life and Sport
This book is a good guide of the late 1920s for newcomers in Thailand when Bangkok had a population of 450 000 inhabitants. The first three chapters deal with all aspects of life in Bangkok and the rural area in central Thailand as perceived by the author, a Lieut.-Col. of the British army who was considered to be worth knowing. He served as governor for two years at Koh Pai, an island that was also used for penal purposes. In the remaining chapters, the author deals with all aspects of hunting, mainly snipe. Several chapters are devoted to guns, loading and handling them, to kit and ammunition, etc. In a humorous tongue in cheek way he deals with mishaps, avoidable and unavoidable, children, buffalos, bulls, snakes, snakebites, antidotes, cobras, criminals, gun robbery and strangers. He describes how he was robbed of his rifle, thrown into a ditch and left for dead. He narrates an incident when a young boy and girl were hidden in the bushes while they were fishing and he accidently shot the boy with some pellets while aiming at snipes. He describes the reaction of the father, “Well Sir”, said the father, a burly farmer, “I should not have minded so much if you had only shot the girl, but that other one is a boy and I want him to help me on the farm later on”. The last chapter deals with the islands Koh Sichang, Koh Kram, and Koh Pai in all their aspects, including the hunting of monitor lizards. The description of events and people is enjoyable to read even if one is not a hunter.


ISBN 9789744800466
WL Order Code 22361

Bangkok 2004, 332 pp., 48 pp. illus. in col., 12 pp. maps, 150 x 210 mm, 0.500 kg

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Ball, Desmond; Boys in Black, The
This is a study of the Rangers, a volunteer organization founded by the Royal Thai Army in 1978 to combat communist insurgency. They have since become responsible for first-line defense of Thailand’s border: fighting intruding armed forces, such as the ethnic insurgent armies and the drug trafficking groups in the Thai-Burma borderlands; guarding refugee camps; maintaining peace and security in troubled areas. They are widely known for their involvement in extraneous politically motivated and violent activities. This book is about life and security in Thailand’s borderlands from a Ranger perspective. It is both a critique of an important element of Thailand’s border defense regime and an introduction to the complex political geography and human security issues in the borderlands.


ISBN 9789747534399
WL Order Code 22167

Bangkok 2000, first English trans. of 1912 168 pp., fully illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.340 kg

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Doehring, Karl; Buddhist Stupa (Phra Chedi) Architecture of Thailand
Karl Döhring has carried out the most exhaustive study ever done by a Western researcher on the Buddhist edifices known in Thailand as phra chedi. The author, who worked in Siam during the early decades of the twentieth century, personally visited phra chedi or stupa edifices in various Bangkok temples. He traces the origins of this peculiar building, discusses its uses, and examines its place in Thai Buddhist temple complexes. A complete classification of all the architectural forms these buildings take is presented, along with architectonic details, and the decorative elements of the round and square stupa types are analyzed. This study is enhanced by a unique collection of photographs and the author’s own sketches and drawings.


ISBN 9789747534405
WL Order Code 22168

Bangkok 2000, first English trans. of 1920 370 pp., 266 pp. illus., 210 x 290 mm, 1.400 kg

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Doehring, Karl; Buddhist Temples of Thailand: An Architectonic Introduction
This is the first English translation of Karl Döhring’s seminal three-volume photographic study Buddhistische Tempelanlagen in Siam, published in German in 1920. This in-depth architectonic and socio-cultural analysis of temple complexes is accompanied by 180 pages of technically perfect photographs and 116 floor plans and refined line drawings. Karl Döhring, an architect who lived and worked in Siam during the reigns of King Chulalongkorn and King Vajiravudh, presented part of this work toward his doctoral degree. As a practicing architect of larger constructions, many of which were realized in Siam, Döhring was deeply interested in the technical aspects of Thai temples and in the use of decorative elements worked out to perfection to create both harmony and eye-catching contrasts. The book presents an architectonic analysis, discusses the historico-cultural and religious meanings of the various edifices composing a Thai temple complex, and details the specific decorations used to project the atmosphere of religious piety and rest so often impressively present in these places of worship. Sample floor plans, many of which have been long lost and photographs of many Bangkok temples as well as some famous upcountry complexes make this book a masterfully conceived guide for the layman who has more than a superficial interest in this fascinating topic.


ISBN 9789744801074
WL Order Code 22532

Bangkok 2006, 280 pp., 1 pp. illus., 130 x 200 mm, 0.400 kg

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Klein, Ken; Building A House in Thailand
Klein draws us into a world of clairvoyants, enterprising Bangkok bargirls, colorful ex-pats, and intricate family relationships that comprise his sometimes puzzling, often crazy, and always fascinating life in Thailand. His sharp insights into his American roots highlight profound cultural differences between East and West, while his vividly realized evocation of the sights, sounds, and tastes of Thailand leave us longing to experience first-hand the sensuous pleasure of a Thai foot massage, the taste of a papaya salad, and the carefree delight of bobbing in the warm waves of the Gulf of Siam.


ISBN 9789748496641
WL Order Code 21843

Bangkok 1997, 104 pp., fully illus., 210 x 300 mm, 0.860 kg

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Blenkinsop, Philip; Cars That Ate Bangkok,the (No.850)
Being the true and terrifying pictorial account of the Thai people’s struggle for survival in the age of the automobile, this book takes you on a death-defying foot-to-the-floor ride through the streets of Bangkok and spits you out, nerves shattered and palms sweating amidst the fumes and dying breaths of those who lost track of their lives along the way. It is an unashamedly shocking and thought provoking volume that bravely tackles the horror of automobile induced waste in today’s society. Not for the faint-hearted, The Cars that Ate Bangkok will forever change the way you view the automobile. Pick it up and take to the streets again if you dare.


ISBN 9789744801166
WL Order Code 22549

Bangkok 2007, 216 pp., 1 map, 27 pp. charts, 150 x 210 mm, 0.340 kg

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Baker, Simon; Child Labor and Child Prostitution in Thailand: Changing Realities
This book explains why there has been a dramatic decline in Thai’d labour’ numbers. Today, the position of Thai children has never been better. Their lives differ greatly from those of their grandparents, parents, and even older siblings. They are better educated and fewer child labourers or child prostitutes, as a proportion of the total population, than at any other time. Changes to the lives of Thai children have taken place over generations, particularly since the late 1980s. At that time, the onset of an economic boom, combined with fertility declines, resulted in many children pursuing their studies rather than working in the rice fields or factories. This change has and will continue to result in major benefits to Thai society.


ISBN 9789744801289
WL Order Code 22611

Bangkok 2008, 266 pp., 32 pp. illus. in col., 150 x 210 mm, 0.500 kg

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Wangsgard, David B.; Culture and Development in Southeast Asia
A collection of papers presenting new field research undertaken throughout the region. Five of the chapters report original findings on Thailand’s main ethnic groups, which include the Lahu, the Lue, the Palaung, the Thai and Black Tai. Further chapters address the Toraya of Sulawesi, Indonesia; the Kalinga of Luzon, the Philippines; the Giay, Hmong, and Dao of Lao Cai Province, Vietnam; and Nung Phan Slinh of Lang Son Province, Vietnam. The central organizing theme of the volume is the convergence and interaction of culture and socio-economic development. The process of development is treated as enmeshed in culture, and vice-versa; cultural change is explored in the context of market forces, state policy and development programs influencing the formation, maintenance, and transformation of ethnic identities. Sub-themes include the engagement (and impingement) of regional, national, and global cross-currents on local populations, issues of national identity, ideology and the integration of groups into larger nations, and how these identities are articulated and shaped by public, academic, and political discourse.


ISBN 9786165511193
WL Order Code 3528

Bangkok 2010, 233 pp., 145 x 210 mm, 0.310 kg

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Chambers, Paul & Aurel Croissant; Democracy under Stress: Civil-Military
This report was published by the Institute of Security and International Studies at Chulalongkorn University in co-operation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation of Germany and brought together a number of experts on the interactions between civil government and the military. Countries covered are Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand. A host of new information and hard data from reports and the literature in general make this into a timely update on the issue.


ISBN 9789744800992
WL Order Code 22515

Bangkok 2008, 122 pp., 8 pp. illus. in col., 150 x 210 mm, 0.230 kg

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Mulder, Niels; Doing Thailand: The Anthropologist as a Young Dog in Bangkok in the 1960s
This book recounts the often hilarious tale of an aspiring researcher who struggles to find his footing in bewildering Bangkok. Based on raw data and experiences—that tend to lose their flavor through ivory-tower manipulation—the narrative offers glimpses on the Thai capital during the time of the Vietnam war, before the advent of traffic jams, and goes on to offer insights into the academic fashions of the day and the pitfalls of doing “field work”. At the same time, the book provides insights into things Thai that will be enlarged upon in the follow-up when the young man has grown to be a professional. A devastatingly honest account of experiences we all share and mostly gloss over.


ISBN 9789748495767
WL Order Code 21587

Bangkok 1992, 231 pp., illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.450 kg

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Glover, Ian, Pornchai Suchitta and John Villiers; Early Metallurgy, Trade and Urban Centres in Thailand and South-East Asia
This collection of thirteen archaeological essays is based on papers originally presented to a research conference on early Southeast Asia held in Bangkok and Nakorn Pathom in April 1985. The papers have been revised and brought up-to-date by the authors. The 1985 Bangkok Conference was a continuation of the 1973 London Colloquy which resulted in the volume Early Southeast Asia (Smith & Watson, eds.).


ISBN 9789747534832
WL Order Code 22272

Bangkok 2001, repr. from 1832, 1834; 182 pp., 2 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.300 kg

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Farrington, Anthony; Early Missionaries in Bangkok
Early Missionaries in Bangkok brings together the journals of Tomlin, of the London Missionary Society at that time; Gutzlaff, a German with some medical training and connected with the Netherlands Missionary Society; and Abeel, appointed by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Their experiences and observations are among the very few glimpses of Bangkok and its Chinese community in the early nineteenth century during the reign of King Rama III, as seen through “Western” eyes and recorded in the more enduring part of their journals. The extensive passages devoted purely to biblical quotations and Christian moralizing have been omitted. Anthony Farrington’s introduction sets the journals in historical context.


ISBN 9789744801586
WL Order Code 22638

Bangkok 2010, 232 pp., 32 pp. illus. 150 x 210 mm, 0.350 kg

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Schliesinger, Joachim; Elephants in Thailand Vol. 1: Mahouts and their Cultures Today
This is the first of two volumes about Thai elephants. This volume portrays the plight of wild and domesticated elephants in modern Thailand. It shows how domesticated elephants are employed both in the timber industry and in the many elephant camps for tourists around the country. It describes in detail the distinct elephant-keeping traditions of the various ethnic groups in the country that have an association with elephants, namely the Tai-speaking Thai (Central Thai), Southern Thai, Yuan, Tai Yai (Shan), Tai Lue, Tai Yong, Tai Khoen, Lao Isan, Khorat Thai and Phuan; the Mon-Khmer-speaking Khmer, Kui, Mon, Khamu, Mpi and Lawap; as well as the Sino-Tibetan-speaking Karen. It also provides information about the characteristics and status of those quintessentially Thai beasts, the Royal White Elephants. All this is complemented by over 110 illustrations and an extensive bibliography.


ISBN 9789748496283
WL Order Code 21767

Bangkok 2009, repr. from 1995; 481 pp., 29 pp. illus. in col., 5 maps, 150 x 210 mm, 0.780 kg

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Tuck, Patrick; French Wolf and the Siamese Lamb, The
This book explains how narrowly Siam survived the French menace to her independence during the period of the European scramble for colonies. For half a century after arriving in Cochinchina in 1858, the French encroached on Siamese territory and interests in a variety of ways. By the 1890s, French colonialists, so influential in promoting French annexations in Africa and the Pacific, wanted to acquire the whole of Siam in order to create a “Greater Indochina” in imitation of British India. The integrity, the stability, and the very existence of the Siamese state were at stake. This study, based on a wide range of newly available French records, examines the changing aims and methods of French expansion. The author explains how French ambitions came to be frustrated by British diplomatic action. But he argues that the Siamese played an indispensable role in shaping the conditions that made British intervention effective.


ISBN 9789744801258
WL Order Code 22615

Bangkok 2009, 450 pp., 16 pp. illus. in col., 150 x 220 mm, 0.500 kg

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Swan, William; Japan's Economic Relations with Thailand
This book traces the course of Japan’s rising trade relations with Thailand that grew in three decades from insignificance before World War I to making Japan the single biggest exporter to Thailand by the mid-1930s. Trade between the two countries grew even more important as Japan’s increasing political and military interest in Thailand and in Southeast Asia as a whole led to growing confrontation with Britain and the United States in 1941. This confrontation brought about a fundamental change in Japan’s trade relations with Southeast Asia, one that turned Thailand into Japan’s leading trading partner in the region. Following the outbreak of the Pacific war, Japan turned its attention to making Thailand a suitable rear base for sustaining its war effort in mainland Southeast Asia, and to formulating new economic policy toward Thailand that would make Japan the paramount player in the Thai economy, and which was intended to incorporate Thailand into Japan’s Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.


ISBN 9789744801135
WL Order Code 22551

Bangkok 2007, repr. from 1928; 354 pp., 3 pp. illus., 140 x 210 mm, 0.480 kg

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Freeman, Andrew A.; Journalist in Siam, A
This book is an account of Andrew Freeman’s time spent at The Bangkok Daily Mail, an English language newspaper published in Siam during the 1920s. Freeman is asked by King Pradjadhipok himself to take over as editor and encounters a world where pride is the name of the game for Bangkok’s small community of foreigners, where the local police department has a direct hand in the trafficking of Chinese women, and love struggles against powerful social forces which seek to keep men and women from different cultures apart.


ISBN 9789744800602
WL Order Code 22436

Bangkok 2005, 273 pp., 150 x 210 mm, 0.480 kg

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Bastian, Adolf; Journey in Siam (1863), A
A Journey in Siam (1863) contains the travelogue written by Dr Adolf Bastian during his travels in Thailand. Bastian was a renowned ethnographer, who founded both Berlin’s Museum für Völkerkunde (Ethnological Museum) and the Berlin Anthropological Society, and his work contains valuable observations and interpretations by one of the pioneers of ethnography. He observes, describes and records the later period of King Mongkut’s reign, which ended in 1868 and is not well covered by published sources—only Monsignor Jean-Baptiste Pallegoix’s writings deal extensively with the early years of that reign. While staying in Bangkok, this thorough and tireless German scholar insisted on learning Siamese and, in addition, covered almost every aspect of the spiritual life of the various groups of people he met in the capital. Bastian’s interests also extend to Siam’s administrative and legal systems as well as to the particularities of the lives of the various types of slaves in the country. Celebrations, games, gambling, diseases and medicine, taxes and their implications for economic life all command his attention. Bastian furthermore takes interest in the theater and literature of the time, in Siamese wit, and in the songs that people use to express their feelings during various activities. He provides details about the animals living alongside people either as pets, or in the wild, or as working animals. The book includes some rare descriptions not found anywhere else, not even in Pallegoix’s largely complementary work, relating, for example, to the spirit world as perceived by the Siamese.


ISBN 9789748496597
WL Order Code 21867

Bangkok 1996, 152 pp., 20 pp. illus. in col., 150 x 210 mm, 0.300 kg

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Fouser, Beth; Lord of the Golden Tower, The
This book is a study of symbols of power and legitimacy. King Prasat Thong, a usurper, attempted to justify his claim to the throne of Ayutthaya by reviving at Wat Chaiwatthanaram the Khmer-influenced prang in a form that had not been used for two hundred years. The author explores the cultural, historic, political and religious context from which Wat Chaiwatthanaram emerged. She describes its functions on religious and political levels and the interrelationships between Buddhism and kingship and related conceptions of legitimacy. Prasat Thong followed King Ramathibodhi, the venerated founder of Ayutthaya, who had used the prang in his architecture. At Wat Chaiwatthanaram the prang, along with other unusual features, such as the eight conical men (meru), the large crowned Buddha images, and the twelve stucco relief panels, together created a unified visual statement designed to proclaim his ultimate right to reign as King.


ISBN 9788190230452
WL Order Code 9578

New Delhi 2006, 180 pp., 145 x 220 mm, 0.350 kg

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Sahai, Sachchidanand & Neeru Misra; Mapping Connections: Indo-Thai Historical and Cultural Linkages
Mapping Connections is a collection of incisive essays by some of the best-known names from India and Thailand. It is an important initiative in the growth of civilizational relations between the two countries. This book emerges from a seminar, ‘Indo-Thai Historical and Cultural linkages’, co-hosted by the Royal Thai Embassy and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. The seminar was planned to be an academic attempt to further the age-long existing relationship between India and Thailand. Its main objective was to analyze and outline the uniqueness of Indo-Thai culture and its contribution to the formation of a global Asian civilization as an equal partner along with India for at least two thousand years of recorded history.


ISBN 9789744801173
WL Order Code 22561

Bangkok 2007, 578 pp., 96 pp. B & W illus., 150 x 210 mm, 1.000 kg

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Ball, Desmond & Davit Scott Mathieson; Militia Redux,Or Sor and the Revival of Paramilitarism in Thailand
This is a critique of the current resurgence of paramilitarism in Thailand. The central organisation is the Volunteer Defence Corps, or Or Sor. An agency of the Ministry of Interior since the 1950s, Or Sor has a multiplicity of tasks, including maintaining road checkpoints, guarding provincial and district buildings, supervising refugee camps, development assistance, and involvement in the war on drugs. It has also been instrumental in training and supervising rapidly increasing numbers of Village Self-Defence Volunteers (Chor Ror Bor). Since 2002 their numbers have increased in the Thailand-Burma borderlands and in the South, where Or Sor and Chor Ror Bor have become a primary target of the insurgency. Despite a generally improving reputation, many paramilitary personnel are also notorious as thugs for local strongmen, and for corruption and inefficiency. This book is the first in-depth study of this uniquely Thai experience of paramilitarism.


ISBN 9789742280185
WL Order Code 22317

Chonburi 2002, 162 pp., illus., 145 x 215 mm, 0.550 kg

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Godsell, Sean & Patrick McGeown; More Thoughts from the Pattaya Orphanage
This is the sequel to Thoughts from the Pattaya Orphanage with photographs of children rescued and cared for by the orphanage. The brief introduction outlines the work of the orphanage over the past 30 years. Proceeds from the book will be used to help the orphanage.


ISBN 9786169056409
WL Order Code 3514

Bangkok 2010, 390 pp., illus., 30 pp. in col., 2 pp. maps, 145 x 210 mm, 0.640 kg

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Frei, Robert; Mysterious Bangkok: Ten days in the City of Angels
Mysterious Bangkok is a lovingly-written cultural and historical city guide which portrays the citizens of Bangkok with heartfelt sensitivity and as such is intended to contribute towards a mutual understanding between our cultures.


ISBN 9789748496610
WL Order Code 21359

Bangkok 1989, English trans. from 1688; 240 pp., illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.460 kg

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Gervaise, Nicolas; Natural & Political History of the Kingdom.
This new edition, with a preface by John Villiers, of the most exhaustive seventeenth century description of Thailand is illustrated with rare prints and maps. It is the result of the establishment of diplomatic relations during the reign of King Narai and is a much more detailed work than any of the score of French accounts of Siam produced by the members of the embassies of the 1680s to that country. Gervaise’s work has been used by Simon de La Loubère to prepare his own account.


ISBN 9789835600685
WL Order Code 4209

Singapore 1986, 87 pp., 16 pp. illus. in col., 135 x 200 mm, 0.260 kg

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Smithies, Michael; Old Bangkok: Krung Tep they call this Place of Contradiction
Bangkok, the City of Angels, to the uninitiated now seems more like Los Angeles than the Venice of the East by which name it was known to early visitors. Michael Smithies, who first came to work in the city in 1960, has written a sympathetic and stimulating book evoking the early days of the capital, founded in 1782, and its expansion in the nineteenth century. He describes the principal buildings which still survive, the temples and palaces, and corners and crafts which remain relatively unchanged. The second edition has been brought up to date to include such recent additions to the Bangkok scene as the so-called ‘skytrain’ (soon to be supplemented by an underground line). However, the old buildings, traditions, and trades of early Bangkok retain their charm and character, and in spite of its occasional brashness and impulsive modernization, the Thai capital retains a vibrancy.


ISBN 9781872727158
WL Order Code 8393

Bangkok 1992, 352 pp., illus. in col., 1 map, 290 x 270 mm, 2.700 kg

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Siribhadra, Smitthi, Elizabeth Moore and Michael Freeman; Palaces of the Gods: Khmer Art & Architecture in Thailand


ISBN 9789744801401
WL Order Code 22623

Bangkok 2009, 210 pp., 16 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.400 kg

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Mulder, Niels; Professional Stranger
This study relates the adventure of doing anthropology in an unruly period, whose events sometimes affected the research. The story is basically concerned with the process of coming to grips with the logic of Thai life, such as formally recorded in Everyday Life in Thailand; An Interpretation and Inside Thai Society. The present narrative, however, links the insights gained directly to raw data and experiences, and so provides light-hearted and serious reading at the same time.


ISBN 9789676530790
WL Order Code 2719

Kuala Lumpur 2001, 240 pp., 130 x 195 mm, 0.250 kg

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Surangkhanang, K; Prostitute, the
This novel first appeared in 1937 and created an immediate stir in Thai literary circles, both for its sympathetic portrayal of prostitutes and because its author was a young lady from a respectable family. It tells the story of Reun, a young girl from up-country who is seduced by a city pimp and tricked into prostitution. While working in a Bangkok brothel, she falls in love with a young man of noble background who promises to rescue her. He disappears, however, before she can tell him she is pregnant with his child. Much of the novel is devoted to a lively portrayal of her struggles to provide for herself and her child, and her exploitation at the hands of employers, rent-collectors, money-lenders, and child-minders. For the reader today, the novel offers a fascinating Thai reaction to the problem of prostitution in an age long before the advent of the American military presence or mass tourism. The author, K. Surangkhanang, is a household name in the Thai literary world. A number of her most popular novels have been made into films and television plays. In 1986 she was honored with the title ‘National Artist’.


ISBN 9789744801579
WL Order Code 22637

Bangkok 2010, 280 pp., 40 pp. illus., 16 pp. illus. in col., 32 pp. maps in col., 210 x 270 mm, 0.900 kg

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Whyte, Brendan; Railway Atlas of Thailand, Laos & Cambodia
The atlas presents detailed maps of three Southeast Asian countries, depicting every known railway, tramway and mass-transit line, public or private, past and present. The bilingual maps locate and name every station in both local and Romanized scripts. In addition, the extensive text describes the railway history of each country, and for each line gives a detailed commentary on its conception and construction, notable features such as bridges, tunnels and spurs, as well as a chronology, station listing, and reference list. Appendices explain the Rattanakosin and Buddhist-era dating systems, place name changes, and local units of measurement, provide bilingual historical lists of railway authority officials, and give a glossary of local-language geographical and railway terminology. The result of two years of fieldwork and archival research on three continents, the atlas will prove invaluable for railway enthusiasts and researchers seeking information on the rail systems of three countries whose unique alphabets make accessing information difficult for foreigners. The bilingual maps will assist travelers to plan and enjoy their rail journeys in Southeast Asia, while the fascinating stories of the Khone Island railway in Laos, the two Japanese-built “Death Railways” to Burma, or King Rama VI's personal tramway to his seaside palace, will provide informative and entertaining reading even for those who are unable to ride the rails in person.


ISBN 9789744801517
WL Order Code 21667

Bangkok 2009, 258 pp., illus., 24 pp. illus. in col., 4 maps, 210 x 295 mm, 1.100 kg

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Ramaer, R.; Railways of Thailand
This book was originally intended to describe the development of the locomotive stock of the State Railway of Thailand, and was published as such in 1984. Questions and suggestions from readers and the present publisher made the story grow, not only in length, but also in scope. In this third edition, the book covers the development of locomotives, carriage and wagon stock, as well as the railway network itself since the beginnings of rail transportation in what was then Siam during the last decade of the 19th century. It also includes secondary, partly non-government lines as well as a short overview of industrial lines. These are not treated in detail; they form a subject in themselves and should not be limited to an appendix in a book on common-carrier railways. The text has been revised and extended and is supported by several maps, two hundred largely unpublished photographs, both in black-and-white and color, and seventy diagrams.


ISBN 9789744801708
WL Order Code 22654

Bangkok 2011, 224 pp., fully illus. in col., 1 map, 155 x 220 mm, 0.900 kg

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Nostitz, Nick; Red Vs. Yellow Vol. 2: Thailand's Political Awakening
The second volume of Nostitz’s “Red vs. Yellow” covers the protests of the Red Shirts against the Abhisit Vejajiva government in 2009, culminating in the Songkran riots in April 2009, the defeat and eventual transformation of the Red Shirt movement into a social mass movement by autumn 2009. Nick Nostitz has also covered the other issues of that period, such as the Red Shirt’s petition to the king, the founding of the Yellow Shirt “New Politics Party” and he has followed the Red Shirts to their rural heartland.


ISBN 9789748495082
WL Order Code 21712

Bangkok 1994, 230 pp., 150 x 210 mm, 0.420 kg

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Chaiyan Rajchagool; Rise and Fall of the Thai Absolute Monarchy
This is no ordinary study of nation building. It differs markedly in its theoretical approach from existing studies of Thailand. In the mid-nineteenth century, Siam was no more than a loose grouping of petty states and principalities, lacking well-defined borders and a centralized power structure. Yet within a period of forty years a unified state had emerged. How and why had this happened? Those are the questions addressed by this penetrating study. It is central to the author’s argument that the form of the new state was the absolute monarchy. He analyzes the socioeconomic conditions that existed at the time of Siam’s early contact with Western economic and colonial forces and examines the ways in which political and administrative control gradually came to be held by the Bangkok-based monarchy. The author also addresses the question of why, within another forty years, the absolute monarchy had been replaced by a constitutional monarchy.


ISBN 9789744801210
WL Order Code 22573

Bangkok 2007, repr. from 1924; 256 pp., 150 x 210 mm, 0.380 kg

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Feltus, George Haws; Samuel Reynold House of Siam: Pioneer Medical Missionary 1847-1876
This book gives us a record of life at the time of King Mongkut’s rule and the beginning of King Chulalongkorn’s reign. Dr House traveled extensively and we see Siam through the eyes of a missionary who also practiced medicine. He describes his encounters with other missionaries and the not so numerous other foreigners living in Siam at that time. His medical profession gave him access to many Thais whom he would otherwise not have met. During the cholera epidemic of 1849, he started vaccinating children, a novelty in Thailand at that time. He gives a vivid description of the situation in Bangkok with daily numbers of deaths. Around the middle of the 19th century, Chiang Mai was not yet fully colonized by Bangkok and still had some independence. It was called Laos. The King of Lanna (or Laos) at that time was not in favor of missionaries and tried to suppress them. However, at the instructions of King Mongkut, he had to allow them to work because he had to follow orders from Bangkok. Nevertheless, he decreed that they were not allowed to teach religion or to convert anyone to Christianity. The value of books by missionaries is that they shed some light on otherwise ignored events. The essential material in this book has been drawn from the letters and journal of Dr House and supplemented by correspondence with various individuals connected with the principal persons mentioned.


ISBN 9789744801470
WL Order Code 22626

Bangkok 2008, 108 pp., 16 pp. illus. in col., 150 x 220 mm, 0.350 kg

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Polenghi, Cesare; Samurai of Ayutthaya: Yamada Nagamasa, Japanese Warrior and Merchant in Early Seventeenth-Century Siam
A fascinating account of the life and the times of a unique historical character: a mysterious Japanese merchant-warrior who made his fame and fortune in the bustling city that was Ayutthaya in the early Seventeenth-Century. His deeds—historical and fictional—have been narrated in Japan for more than three hundred years. This study is the first published in English, bringing together all extant available material about Yamada Nagamasa. The book casts light on this intriguing character and the historical landscape that surrounded him during a unique period of Siamese and Japanese history.


ISBN 9789747534146
WL Order Code 22121

Bangkok 1999, repr. from 1912 440 pp., illus., 1 folded map, 150 x 210 mm, 0.780 kg

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Gerini, G. E.; Siam and Its Productions, Arts, and Manufactures (1911)
This is the descriptive catalog of the Siamese Section at the International Exhibition of Industry and Labor held in Turin in 1911. Under King Chulalongkorn Siam promoted modernization and trade, and in 1904 had already participated in the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis. The aim was to show the world that Siam was a worthy modern trading partner. Compiled by different experts, this book provides a wealth of information, not readily available to the public. It covers trade products and manufactures as well as selected services in the entertainment sector, such as theater, sports, and, horse-racing, and even educational services in commerce. There is also a section on Siamese-Italian relations. The English edition of 1912, reprinted here, is a revised and updated version of the original Italian exhibition catalog. It also contains the results of the exhibition: prizes awarded to the exhibitors in the Siamese Pavilion, for example A. Berli & Co. for benzoin and gutta-percha, G. Pappayanopulos for cigarettes, and the East Asiatic Co., Ltd. for timber wood, pepper, and gutta-percha. Various statistical tables, lists of awardees, Siamese plant names and, especially, its elaborate index make this book a very valuable research tool.


ISBN 9789744800596
WL Order Code 22472

Bangkok 2005, 251 pp., 3 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.400 kg

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Bangkok Time; Siam Directory 1912, The
This is a source book for the study of many aspects of Thailand of that period, There are over 80 entries from Administration of the Law, Army, Bangkok Revenue Department, Calendar and Memoranda, Clubs, Queen Mother Household, Extradition Treaty, Finance Department, Foreign Trade, Foreign Missions, Forest Department, Hackney Carriage Regulations, Hotels, Ladies’ List, Legations and Consulates, Measures, Mint, Naturalization Law, Official Directory, Opium and Spirit Department, Privy Purse, Population of Siam, Provincial Gendarmerie, Rice, Royal Family, Siamese Titles, Siamese Currency to Weights and Measures.


ISBN 9789747534337
WL Order Code 22197

Bangkok 2000, repr. from 1930; 392 pp., 48 pp. illus., 4 pp. in col., 150 x 210 mm, 0.560 kg

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Executive Committee of the Eight Congress; Siam in 1930: General and Medical Features
This book was written as an introduction to Siam for delegates attending the Eight Congress of the Far Eastern Association of Tropical Medicine, held in Bangkok. The publication was compiled by a committee comprising several Thai and foreign experts in various fields of society and especially in medicine. The general information provided consisted of a wide variety of subjects: a brief introduction to the history, government, administration, arts and crafts of Siam; Siamese theatre and noteworthy buildings in Bangkok, Bang Pa-In, Ayuthia and Lopburi—and the railway lines to travel to them—are described, many with photographic material. Developments in the public health sector have, of course, received special attention. Thus all aspects of medical care, nursing, and health administration in Thailand are described, with sections on medicine in the army, veterinary services, school health, missionary work in the medical services, and the Siamese Red Cross Society. Thus we are able to obtain a rare glimpse of a field of development that is often not readily accessible to visitors, or even not widely known among professionals.


ISBN 9789744801593
WL Order Code 22639

Bangkok 2010, repr. from 1897; 292 pp., 52 pp. illus., 1 folded map, 150 x 210 mm, 0.430 kg

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Sommerville, Maxwell; Siam on the Meinam From the Gulf to Ayuthia
This reprint comes in two parts. The first part covers all aspects of life in Bangkok in 1897. The author describes his trip from Singapore to Bangkok; the hotel, the city, the bazaars, Wat Poh, evening on the Meinam, the library, the museum, Wat Cheng, prison and shop (with interesting remarks on who was kept in prison on what reasons), theaters and gambling houses, up the river and Ayuthia The second part contains three romances illustrative of Siamese life and customs. The author obviously had access to stories from the North as they deal with relationship with Karen and production of Burmese style Buddha images. It is remarkable that at that time someone recorded stories and life from up-country, a time when history was normally only court history, but not the history of the common people away from the center of power. The book is richly illustrated, with additional period postcards.


ISBN 9789747534252
WL Order Code 22173

Bangkok 2000, first English trans. of 1908 354 pp., 24 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.490 kg

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Dilok Nabarath, Prince; Siam's Rural Economy under King Chulalongkorn
This dissertation by Prince Dilok Nabarath, Prince of Siam, son of HM King Chulalongkorn and Chao Chom Manda Dibakesorn of Chiang Mai, was submitted at the University of Tübingen, Germany. The book covers virtually every aspect of the agricultural base of Thailand’s economy at the turn of the previous century. The reforms in the legal status of various classes of slaves, serfs, free people, nobles and others are sketched against the background of a farmers’ class producing ever more agricultural produce for export. These exports are discussed in great detail too. The various farming systems to produce the entire gamut of exports from rice to livestock are explained. The efficiency and impediments to production increases are placed in the historical context of the widening communications network of the country. Special attention is paid to supplementary sources of income, many of which are still used today. The geographical framework of farm products is also presented. Prince Dilok concludes his dissertation with enlightened recommendations that are still valid when it comes to misguided development projects, inappropriate donor-enforced macro-economic policies, and the application of capital-intensive technology.


ISBN 9789744800534
WL Order Code 22411

Bangkok 2004, 268 pp., fully illus., 32 pp. illus. in col., 210 x 290 mm, 0.800 kg

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Cultterbuck, Martin R.; Siamese Cats: Legends and Reality
This is the revised and expanded version of the successful 1998 book The Legend of Siamese Cats. While retaining the former volume’s core attraction of translations of the famous Thai Cat Book Poems from medieval times, this new book delves more deeply into Thai cats as they have progressed from then until the present day. Each major Thai breed—Siamese, Korat, Burmese and more—is covered extensively, including detailed genetic studies, their present status in Thailand and their history in the West. Special chapters have also been added on the cats’ relations with Thai royalty and the Buddhist priesthood, and various myths about these venerable institutions are confirmed or disproved. A new chapter on the wide application of Thai cat bloodlines to develop western breeds well illustrates how Thailand is indeed a cat superpower. Finally, a new appendix reproduces the 1924 “Siamese Cat Register”.


ISBN 9789748496238
WL Order Code 21721

Bangkok 1994, first English trans. of 1901; 176 pp., fully illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.310 kg

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Buls, Charles; Siamese Sketches
This book is the very personal, sometimes controversial, account of the journey the world traveler and former mayor of Brussels, Charles Buls, made to Siam in 1900. Spanning the wide variety of Buls's interests, from the urban Chinese to early agricultural developments in the countryside, this account always surprises. Having been involved with the development of a world city himself, he was better placed than any other contemporary observer to speculate on Siam’s political, economic and social future. He shuns neither highly controversial viewpoints, nor topics, such as the comparative value of religions for a country like Siam, that were bound to bring him into trouble. This book, in which Buls's original account is supplemented by material from his hitherto unpublished diary notes, letters and numerous photographs from Belgian archives, such as those of the inauguration of Dusit Park and the Ayutthaya elephant round-up, is a must for lovers of Fifth Reign history, and of Siam.


ISBN 9789744801036
WL Order Code 22518

Bangkok 2007, 132 pp., illus., 40 pp. illus. in col., 210 x 295 mm, 0.500 kg

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Reichart, Peter A. & Pathawee Khongkhunthian; Spirit Houses of Thailand, The
This book provides a comprehensive overview of this custom, describing the different types of spirit houses in Thailand. It devotes one chapter to the worship of the Lord of the Land and what to offer him to keep him satisfied and in good moods. The ceremony how to install a spirit house is described as well as what to do when one has to dispose of a spirit house. The Erawan shrine in Bangkok and the city pillars of some cities of Thailand are described as well as spirit houses in neighboring countries of Thailand. The book is richly illustrated by both black and white and color photographs showing the different styles of spirit houses around the country. The interested reader will get important background information and thus will understand the significance of the spirit house in present day Thailand in much more detail.


ISBN 9789747534542
WL Order Code 22187

Bangkok 2000, 160 pp., fully illus., 32 pp. illus. in col., 210 x 290 mm, 0.640 kg

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Goethe-Institute Bangkok; Thai Artists & the Goethe
This book celebrates the Goethe-Institut Bangkok’s 40th year of the well established and fruitful Thai-German cultural relationship. Contributions from artists, both in visual and performing arts, and musicians highlight the role played by the Goethe-Institut in furthering their careers and the various benefits provided by the Institute to Thai artistic and cultural life. The book provides impressions of changing architecture, life, culture and society in Bangkok, amply illustrated with numerous photographs, and artists’ works highlighting today’s art scene. Extracts from the archives of Thai-German relations provide fascinating details of the mutual impact and benefit of this relationship.


ISBN 9789749672846
WL Order Code 3496

Bangkok 2009, 286 pp., 44 pp. illus., 145 x 210 mm, 0.340 kg

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Chaturon Chaisang; Thai Democracy in Crisis: 27 Truths
In this book, Chaturon Chaisang addresses key issues on Thai Democracy in a head-on manner. Among other things, he offers his views on the activities of former Prime Minister Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra. He presents a thought-provoking analysis of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD—the “Yellow Shirts”) and its proposal called “New Politics”. He offers the same level of analysis of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD—the “Red Shirts”). He looks at the role of the courts and the role of the military in modern Thailand. He also looks at the challenges facing political parties in Thailand. He questions the objectivity of the Thai press. In all, he addresses the current problems facing Thailand in a comprehensive manner and presents elements for a lasting solution. This is a “must read” book for anybody who is interested in the development of democracy in Thailand.


ISBN 9789744801456
WL Order Code 22622

Bangkok 2009, 240 pp., illus., 24 pp. in col., 150 x 215 mm, 0.600 kg

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Jaiser, Gerhard; Thai Mural Painting Vol. 1: Iconography, Analysis & Guide
This is the first comprehensive survey of all aspects of Thai mural painting. It includes short versions of the most important Buddhist stories extensively illustrated by depictions from temple murals. The historical overview includes all regions and periods, based on materials from nearly two-hundred temples. Also included are interpretations of the concepts of nine selected temples and a full list of the temples visited. The book is a well-informed introduction, useful for preparing to visit a temple or for consultation on-site. A second volume deals with the most important subjects of temple painting, namely, everyday life, nature, and the depiction of foreigners, a topic that had not yet been adequately explored. Further volumes will treat painting techniques, influences from other cultures upon Thai mural paintings, and related subjects.


ISBN 9789744801531
WL Order Code 22636

Bangkok 2010, 268 pp., 64 pp. illus. in col., 1 CD-ROM in pocket, 150 x 210 mm, 0.460 kg

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Jaiser, Gerhard; Thai Mural Paintings Vol. 2: Society, Preservation and Subjects
This is a continuation of Thai Mural Painting, Volume 1: Iconography, Analysis and Guide. Together these volumes provide a concise overview of all aspects of Thai mural painting. The main body of this second volume considers important aspects of Thai everyday life and culture as reflected in mural paintings. Also included are chapters on selected stylistic developments, the conservation of murals and the role of murals in Thai society. An index covers both volumes and a CD-ROM includes all 880 illustrations in both volumes, in colour.


ISBN 9786115510207
WL Order Code 3529

Bangkok 2010, 145 pp., 145 x 210 mm, 0.190 kg

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Funston, John; Thaksin's Thailand: Populism & Polarisation
This report was published by the Institute of Security and International Studies at Chulalongkorn University in co-operation with the National Thai Studies Centre of the Australian National University and brings together six papers on the former prime minister’s governments. The papers include expositions on politics under Thaksin, the Thai economy and the elections in 2005, an alternative understanding of the conflict in south Thailand, and papers on foreign policy with special emphasis on the 2004 free trade agreement between Australia and Thailand.


ISBN 9780195886023
WL Order Code 8123

Singapore 1992, repr. from 1889; 372 pp., 1 pp. illus., 1 map, 130 x 195 mm, 0.400 kg

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Caddy, Florence; To Siam and Malaya in the Duke of Sutherland's Yacht sans Peur
First published just over a hundred year ago, this delightful account of a voyage in a luxurious Ducal private yacht, where half the crew apparently consisted of cooks, covers a journey through the Red Sea to India, Singapore, and Siam returning via Malaya, Ceylon, and Egypt. The author was invited to join the yacht as ‘geographer and naturalist’ but did, in fact, spend much time describing Court life and entertainments in Bangkok, where she met King Chulalongkorn. In Singapore and Johore, the party was-equally lavishly entertained by the Sultan (at the final banquet the entire set of Ellenborough gold plate was used!) These descriptions can be considered as set-pieces of real historical value but the book also includes much information more directly related to the work for which Mrs. Caddy was engaged, To Siam and Malaya is well written in an interesting and undemanding way, and today’s reader will find it as fresh and entertaining as when it was first published.


ISBN 9780002174367
WL Order Code 4342

London 1986, 192 pp., illus. in col., 215 x 290 mm, 0.000 kg

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Searle, Ronald; To the Kwai and Back

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