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Lao Legends
ISBN :   9789748434469
WL Order Code :    E22690
Price :    Euro28.05
Print :   Bangkok 2013
Size :   136 pp., 51 pp., illus. in col. 200 x 220 mm  Weight  0.500 kg
  Mixay, Somsanouk & Fleur Brofos Asmussen

Lao Legends

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“Once upon a time…..Laos!” Lao Legends, a collection of magnificent Lao tales traditionally passed down orally, now particularily well captured on paper by Somsanouk Mixay and deliciously illustrated by Fleur Brofos-Asmussen, both of Lao origin, takes one on a voyage through the imaginary world and the traditions of the endearing Lao people.

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