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Among The Burmese In 1902

  ISBN : 9789748495620
  WL Order Code :  E22696
  Price :  US$17.00
  Bangkok 2014
  139 pp., 150 x 215 mm, pbk Weight  0.210 kg
  Chevrillon, Andre; Among The Burmese In 1902
: French Impressions of a Buddhist Country
  Update list on : 2017-01-30
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Among the Burmese in 1902. French Impressions of a Buddhist Country documents the travels of a Frenchman, member of the Académie française, undertaking a journey towards understanding the religions and customs of the peoples of the Indian Empire. This book gives an overview of his thoughts on the religious groups he meets in Burma. First he travels in Rangoon, where he visits various temples and areas of the city, then in Mandalay and further northwards on the Irrawaddy. His critical impressions are described in an unusual, impressionistic style without losing empathy for the plight of the ordinary Burmese. His insights also deal on a fundamental level of philosophical and religious inquiry with the influences exerted by western colonization, by the energetic onslaught of Chinese and Indian traders and a budding materialism among the Burmese. This is an unusual description by an unusually sensitive author.

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