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Wonders of Nature in South-East Asia
ISBN :   9789676530882
WL Order Code :    I8158
Price :    Euro17.00
Print :   Kuala Lumpur 1997,
Size :   295 pp., 19 pp. illus., 4 charts, 130 x 195 mm pbk. Weight  0.345 kg
  Cranbrook, Earl of

Wonders of Nature in South-East Asia

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The origins of mountains and plain, the power of winds and sea, the turbulent courses of the rivers, the mysteries of plant and animal life-these and other wonders of nature in an enthralling quarter of the globe are the subject of this new anthology. The theme develops progressively. Each abstract, short or long, itemizes some detail of wonder seen, heard, or felt directly by the writer. Authenticity has been an important standard. Some well-known authors have met the test but, for comprehensive cover and reliability, many passages have been taken from specialist sources that the general reader rarely encounters. In the commentary, Lord Cranbrook adds his own perspective, as a biologist with forty years’ involvement in Southeast Asia. The writings of his choice, from ancient classical times to the present, reveal wonders of the region that the reader can relish in the comfort of an armchair as well as under the tropic sun.

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