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Wonders of Mebegon Village

  ISBN : 9789749365281
  WL Order Code :  N2717
  Price :  US$17.00
  Chonburi 2005,
  166 pp., 8 pp. illus. in col., 145 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.300 kg
  Ashin Kunsal Kassapa; Wonders of Mebegon Village
: Historical record of an event never reveal before
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Historical records of an event never revealed before. Wizzardo (Siddha) Sayadaw U. Kowida, Head Master of Nagama Mountain was born at Kanthe village, western side of Shwebo township on the year 908 A.D. (330 M.E.) during the reign of King Taungthikyi Minn. He was named Maung Kanthe by his father U Tha Aung and his mother Daw Yin May. At the age of 20 years he took higher ordination as a Theravada monk at Nweta Monastery. He received direct instructions from the Indian Mahasiddha Ashin U. Upagote (his days goes back to Asoka’s period 200 B.C.) which leads him to the great accomplishment at the age of 59 years as an Iron Wizzar (Siddha) through alchemy. Since then he established Nagama Mountain and transmitted Upagotes’s instructions to several disciples. The most famous ones are the Wizzar (Siddha) Sayadaw U. Pandita, the Wizzar (Siddha) Sayadaw U. Uttamakyaw and the Wizzar (Siddha) Botaw Bo Htun Aung which their biographies are narrated on this book. The historical opening of the Wizzar (Siddha) Meditation Center at first on U. Pan Aung and Daw Phwar Kyew’s house, parents of Maung Htun Yin’s (Sanathar Sayadaw U. Tillaw Keinda) wife, was a Friday 4th July 1952 A.D. (13th waxing day of Waso 1314 B.E.) since then the Wizzars (Siddhas) tried to promote all aspects of religious affairs in a very unique way, sometimes coming themselves to the monastery and sharing their teaching and guiding those present. However, at other times they did not come themselves but used the body of Sanathar Sayadaw TJ. Tillaw Keinda by Dhatsii-him, and in the same way they shared their teaching and guided those present.

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