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Sanskrit-English Philosophical Wordlist

ISBN :   9789747046786
WL Order Code :    N3489
  Freeland, Christopher

Sanskrit-English Philosophical Wordlist


Intended for students of Indian philosophy and language, this wordlist is a compendium of about three thousand five hundred terms compiled to help in the study of Indian philosophical systems, with a special emphasis on Shankara’s Kevaladvaita system. Logically enough, the lexicon refers to terms employed by most other Hindu and early Buddhist philosophical systems, as well as some inevitable mythological references. There is a definite bias towards non-dualistic thought, both in content and interpretation of the terms. Entries are listed in alphabetical order of the Devanagari script with a romanised transliteration, where possible the Sanskrit root word has been included with the entry to aid further investigation or satisfy curiosity. For etymologists concerned by historical setting, textual reference is often provided in which the expression appears and thus the time of its use can be deduced. The foreword was written by the late Professor J. Gonda of Utrecht University.

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