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Culture and Development in Southeast Asia
ISBN :   9789744801289
WL Order Code :    E22611
Price :    Euro23.80
Print :   Bangkok 2008,
Size :   266 pp., 32 pp. illus. in col., 150 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.500 kg
  Wangsgard, David B.

Culture and Development in Southeast Asia

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A collection of papers presenting new field research undertaken throughout the region. Five of the chapters report original findings on Thailand’s main ethnic groups, which include the Lahu, the Lue, the Palaung, the Thai and Black Tai. Further chapters address the Toraya of Sulawesi, Indonesia; the Kalinga of Luzon, the Philippines; the Giay, Hmong, and Dao of Lao Cai Province, Vietnam; and Nung Phan Slinh of Lang Son Province, Vietnam. The central organizing theme of the volume is the convergence and interaction of culture and socio-economic development. The process of development is treated as enmeshed in culture, and vice-versa; cultural change is explored in the context of market forces, state policy and development programs influencing the formation, maintenance, and transformation of ethnic identities. Sub-themes include the engagement (and impingement) of regional, national, and global cross-currents on local populations, issues of national identity, ideology and the integration of groups into larger nations, and how these identities are articulated and shaped by public, academic, and political discourse.

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