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Angkorian Records, The
ISBN :  
WL Order Code :    I8800
Price :    Euro21.25
Print :   Earendrapur 1977 and 2002, 2nd.ed
Size :   302 pp., 13 pp., illus., 185 x 240 mm pbk. Weight  0.610 kg
  Kar, Amina Ahmed

Angkorian Records, The

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The author uncovers sources of Cambodian culture and traces them to pre-Islamic Iranian roots. She postulates Iranian elements in the literature, epigraphs, and art of Cambodia in particular and Southeast Asia in general. To give an example: “The moon as an epiphany identifiable with the king is indicated by several inscriptions. Indian veneration for the ‘moon’ is well-known. But here the description of the rays of the moon as 'the giver of justice' directly refers to an Iranian concept of ‘the light of the moon as the instrument of justice’,” writes Bratindra Nath Mukherjee and concludes... “her broad hypothesis seems to be now well substantiated. She indeed opened up a new avenue of research. It is now the duty of historians of Southeast Asia to search further down the avenue.”

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