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Amdo 2: The Gansu and Sichuan Parts of Amdo The Cultural Monuments of Tibet's Outer Provinces

This book presents unknown Tibetan Buddhist art and hitherto overlooked Sino-Tibetan lamaseries on the Silk Road fringes. Labrang Monastery in the Tibeto-Chinese borderlands, for instance, highlights the nexus between Tibet, East and Central Asia. Gansu, in the Sichuan part of Amdo, contains a wealth of local Tibetan cultural centers. The Ngawa Gelugpa realm and the last Jonangpa communities in Dzamthang, that have been greatly underestimated for centuries, are given the prominence they deserve. This work helps to dispel uninformed views that have been spread in the West. Detailed descriptions of the major historic sites facilitate the understanding of their development, and provide further guidance to find the sites and understand what can be seen there. One can prepare a tour to this region by getting knowledgeable about the extraordinary cultural monuments presented here. Serta, the world’s largest Buddhist academy, virtually unknown, has impressive architectural features such as the Jonangchbrten and temple towers seen nowhere else in Tibet. These add to the hidden treasures of Amdo’s revitalized Buddhist tradition. The region presented in this book is one of diversity in a highland realm that for long was neglected in respect of its historic and cultural importance.

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PUBLISHER: White Lotus
ISBN: 9789747534900
AUTHOR Gruschke, Andreas
RELEASED 2001-03-18
PRINT Bangkok 2001,
WL CODE E22230
SIZE 283 pp., illus., 80 pp. illus. in col., maps, 210 x 290 mm


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