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Cambodia Postcards By Pierre Dieulefils: Old Postcard Series, Vol. 13, Cambodia
Cambodia Postcards by Pierre Dieulefils is another work on a great Indochina Photograph & Publisher of postcards. Based in Hanoi he concentrated on photographing Tonkin, Annam, Cochinchina and Cambodia. He published his first postcards from 1902 – 1904 with undivided back. In 1905 he started a new series with red captions and a logo. At the end of 1905 he made a trip to Cochinchina and Cambodia to prepare photos and postcards for the great Marseille Exhibition in 1906. It covers mainly Phnom Penh and Angkor area. As a publisher his interest was confined to areas where tourists will go. A later series with black captions published after 1914 is also listed. Most cards are identical and reprints of the series presented in this book with red captions. But some cards are shown if they have different motifs, not covered by the other 227 cards of the main series. The great work by Thierry Vincent, Pierre Dieulefils, Photograph-Editeur des Cartes Postales d'Indochine is the standard work on Dieulefils, published in 1997. But he does not show all postcards, only a very small selection. Therefore, collectors need more detailed books on specific subjects or areas to get a handle on Dieulefils’ work. The present book list and shows all the cards of Cambodia, including some photos which were not used as postcards. It also lists variations/misprints and makes it an indispensable book for collectors of postcards. Joel Montague, Picture Postcards of Cambodia 1900-1950, used cards from all kind of photographers and publishers (also published by White Lotus.)
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ISBN: 9789748496047
AUTHOR Ande, Diethard
RELEASED 2023-4-12
PRINT Bangkok, 2023
WL CODE E22749
SIZE 180 pp., fully illus., 11 pp. in col., 210 x 295 mm, pbk.


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