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Twentieth Century Impressions of Burma

Wright, Arnold & H. A. Cartwright & O. Breakspear; Twentieth Century Impressions of Burma : Its History, People, Commerce, Industries, and Resources
Twentieth Century Impressions of Burma is part of a series on the British Empire that deals with the empire’s history, people, commerce, industries, and resources. This publication is one of a now lengthy series, designed to give a literary survey of the various component parts of the British Empire and of leading countries in which British capital was extensively invested, or in which British political interests were centered. (Twentieth Century Impressions of Siam was also reprinted by White Lotus.)
Burma at one time formed an integral part of Britain’s Indian empire, but it was something more than an Indian province. Its geographical position, with a frontier that marches with the boundaries of the Chinese Empire and of French Indochina, a mighty waterway that gives access to the vast mountain regions of the great Asiatic range, and a coastline that stretches for 1,200 miles along the eastern side of the Bay of Bengal, is one of exceptional importance, and that importance increased as the inevitable development of the great continental railway system of Asia brought the ports of the Straits of Malacca into direct communication with India, and eventually through India with the countries of Europe. These prophetic words are more true today than hundred years ago.
In this work, an attempt has been made to deal exhaustively with every phase of Burmese life. The history of the country is fully treated, and graphic pictures are presented by exceptional writers of the religious and social life of this, perhaps most fascinating people of Asia who owed allegiance to Britain. The administration, law, and finance of Burma are dealt with by experts; a full account is also given of the commerce, industries, and social aspects of everyday life, while clear and interesting descriptions are furnished of the principal population centers of the country. The book’s illustrations, reproductions of hundreds of photographs, are exceptionally varied and interesting, particularly viewing them from a modern perspective.

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PUBLISHER: White Lotus Press
ISBN: 9789748495231
AUTHOR Wright, Arnold & H. A. Cartwright & O. Breakspear
RELEASED 2015-03-06
PRINT Bangkok, 2015 (Originally in 1910)
WL CODE E22698
SIZE 416 pp., illus. 230 x 310 mm.


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