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Prehistoric Pottery for the Ar

I5227  More ..
Prehistoric Pottery for the Ar
By Gibson, Alex & Ann Woods


Prehistoric Thai Ceramics: Ban

E22310  More ..
Prehistoric Thai Ceramics: Ban
By Labbe, Armand J.


Proceedings of the Conference

E21072  More ..
Proceedings of the Conference
By Japanese Studies Center, Institute of East Asian Studies and Faculty of Economics, Thammasat Univ.


Professional Stranger

E22623  More ..
Professional Stranger
By Mulder, Niels


Promoting Human Security in AP

N4352  More ..
Promoting Human Security in AP
By Patcharawalai Wongboonsin, Amara Pongsapich, Supang Chantavanich and Chanchuta Sookkhee


Property from the Estate of Es

N2761  More ..
Property from the Estate of Es
By Sotheby's


Prostitute, the

N2719  More ..
Prostitute, the
By Surangkhanang, K


Psychiatrist in Paradise

E21627  More ..
Psychiatrist in Paradise
By Denny Thong


Pulping the South

I7568  More ..
Pulping the South
By Carrere, Ricardo and Larry Lohmann


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Three Pagodas: A Journey Down the Thai-Burmese Border

Goodden, Christian ; Three Pagodas: A Journey Down the Thai-Burmese Border
Three Pagodas: A Journey Down the Thai-Burmese Border is an account of a remarkable 1,500 km journey through the mountainous jungle of the Thai-Burmese border, from Chiang Dao in the north to the Three Pagodas Pass in the south. The book describes what it is like to make one’s way through this remote troubled terrain, inhabited by insurgent guerrilla groups, warlords, drug traffickers, hill tribes, and rare minority peoples. With an eye for the telling minutiae of travel and the poetry of the moment, the author provides a snapshot of the way of life of these peoples, recording the impact on them of the far-reaching changes sweeping Thailand at the turn of the millennium. Here the reader rubs shoulders with Chinese KMT refugees, striking Padaung “long-neck” and Kayaw “long-ear” women, the dwindling ancient Lawa race, a jungle demigod and the last Wa king, or visits mysterious “Spirit Well”, Karen rebel GHQ in Burma, and “Death Highway”... The travelogue culminated in a 2-week trailblazing adventure through 200 kms of unmapped jungle from Urn Pang to the famous Three Pagodas. Written in an evocative anecdotal style and enlivened by the often-absurd humor of the situation, the story is supported by 30 personally researched maps, exemplary in-depth cultural / historical accounts, and 75 stunning photographs. For armchair traveler and traveler on the ground alike, Three Pagodas looks set to remain the definitive description of a complex fascinating region for many more years. This second revised & expanded edition preserves the original text, but updates the story and politico-cultural position chapter-by-chapter in a series of postscripts, at the same time adding much new material. Redoing the journey wherever possible, the author took fresh photographs, actualized the maps, and gathered travel information for readers wishing to retrace parts of the expedition.

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Among The Burmese In 1902

E22696  Read more ...
Among The Burmese In 1902...
By Chevrillon, Andre


A French Engineer In Burma And

E22695  Read more ...
A French Engineer In Burma And...
By Mahe, Comte A. de La Bourdonnais


John Thomson: The Early Years

E22694  Read more ...
John Thomson: The Early Years ...
By Montague, Joel & Jim Mizerski


Textiles, Crafts and Customs o

E22685  Read more ...
Textiles, Crafts and Customs o...
By Scherman, Lucian & Christine


Harry Howard

N4396  Read more ...
Harry Howard...
By Howard, Julie


Spirits in the Loom : Religion

E22692  Read more ...
Spirits in the Loom : Religion...
By Findle, Ellison Banks


By Motorcar from Saigon to Ang

E22693  Read more ...
By Motorcar from Saigon to Ang...
By Montpensier, Duc de


Pagan and Burma in 1899

E22686  Read more ...
Pagan and Burma in 1899...
By Thomann, Th. H

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Around Southeast Asia in 1897:

E22680  Read more ...
Around Southeast Asia in 1897:...
By Massieu, Isabelle


Preah Vihear

E22687  Read more ...
Preah Vihear...
By Charnvit Kasetsiri, Pou Sothirak, Pavin Chachavalpongpun


Phasa Phu Thai Phuea Sukkhapha

T28291  Read more ...
Phasa Phu Thai Phuea Sukkhapha...
By Mollerup, Asger & Thanyalak Chaiyasuk


Around Laos in 1900, Vol. 2

E22682  Read more ...
Around Laos in 1900, Vol. 2...
By Raquez, A.


A German Surgeon's Siamese Arm

E22684  Read more ...
A German Surgeon's Siamese Arm...
By Friedrich Schaefer


The Vanishing Traces:

E22683  Read more ...
The Vanishing Traces:...
By Ahmed, Iftekhar


Cultural Revival and the Peopl

E22676  Read more ...
Cultural Revival and the Peopl...
By Nong Quoc Binh & Michael C. Howard


The Thai Food Complex

E22679  Read more ...
The Thai Food Complex...
By Poupon, Roland

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Early Coins of Myanmar(Burma)

E22675  Read more ...
Early Coins of Myanmar(Burma) ...
By Mahlo, Dietrich


Opium Weights

N4108  Read more ...
Opium Weights...
By Braun, Rolf & Ilse


Village-Based Silk Production

E22656  Read more ...
Village-Based Silk Production ...
By Patcharin Lapanun, Barbara Earth, Benjawan Narasaj, Patcharin Ruchuwararak & Soutthanome Keola


Dress and Tai Yai Identity in

E22658  Read more ...
Dress and Tai Yai Identity in ...
By McLean, Maya


Textile Traditions in Contempo

E22657  Read more ...
Textile Traditions in Contempo...
By Howard, Michael C.


Tibetan People and Their Stori

E22667  Read more ...
Tibetan People and Their Stori...
By Zhang Xiaoming & Jin Zhiguo. Etc


Elephants in Thailand Vol. 2 :

E22671  Read more ...
Elephants in Thailand Vol. 2 :...
By Schliesinger, Joachim


Elephants in Thailand Vol.3

E22670  Read more ...
Elephants in Thailand Vol.3...
By Schliesinger, Joachim

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Ethnic Groups of Cambodia V.1;

E22660  Read more ...
Ethnic Groups of Cambodia V.1;...
By Schliesinger, Joachim


Shivapada in Khmer Art :

E22653  Read more ...
Shivapada in Khmer Art :...
By Sahai, Sachchidanand


Measured Art,The

E22655  Read more ...
Measured Art,The...
By Dowling, Nancy


Ikat Weaving and Ethnic Chines

E22652  Read more ...
Ikat Weaving and Ethnic Chines...
By Ter Horst, John


Red Vs. Yellow Vol. 2: Thailan

E22654  Read more ...
Red Vs. Yellow Vol. 2: Thailan...
By Nostitz, Nick


Many Faces of Peace Part II, T

N3615  Read more ...
Many Faces of Peace Part II, T...
By International Peace Foundation


Innosense: A Journey of Love

N3616  Read more ...
Innosense: A Journey of Love...
By Langat, Nick


Food from Northern Laos: The B

N3553  Read more ...
Food from Northern Laos: The B...
By Culloty, Dorothy & Kees Sprengers

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